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Muntons Malt (UK)

  • Muntons Maris Otter

    Muntons Maris Otter

    Maris Otter has long been a favorite of English breweries, thanks to its rich, nutty flavor and its low protein which allows it to clear quickly. Great base malt for any beer recipe. (L 3.0)

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  • Muntons Roasted Black Barley

    Muntons Roasted Black Barley

    Raw unmalted barley is roasted until it reaches its characteristic intense color. In brewing roasted barley is used to impart a "dry" bitterness to finished beers and is often used in the production of stout. Flavor contributions: coffee, intense...

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  • Muntons Caramalt

    Muntons Caramalt

    This is a light crystal malt used to add body and sweetness to beer without adding too much color. Flavor contributions: no flavor contribution (L10 – 14)

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  • Muntons Chocolate Malt

    Muntons Chocolate Malt

    This is a roasted malt imparting brown color, nutty toasted flavor and body to dark beer in English Ale brewing where its pleasant characteristic flavor is required. Flavor contributions: rich, roasted coffee, dry. (L 340 - 450)

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  • Muntons Mild Ale Malt

    Muntons Mild Ale Malt

    Made using slightly higher nitrogen than pale malt, has good diastatic activity allowing the use of a high percentage of adjuncts in the grist formulation. Flavor contributions: mild, malty (L 2.5)

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  • Muntons Pale Malt

    Muntons Pale Malt

    Made from 2-row winter barley. It is fully modified making it perfect for single infusion mashing. It's diastatic power makes it suitable for converting a good percentage of adjuncts as well. Flavor contributions: malty, sweet L 1.25 - 1.35

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  • Muntons Amber Malt

    Muntons Amber Malt

    Has a light, biscuity dry flavor and can be used to product Bitter and Mild Ales and sweet Stouts as well as the traditional London Porters that have come back into favor recently. Flavor Contribution: Light, biscuity dry flavor.

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