Which beer equipment kit should I buy?

Which beer equipment kit should I buy?

Posted by Todd on 6th Mar 2015

So, you want to brew beer. Well, welcome to the greatest hobby on earth and we have to ask, what took you so long?? Your first decision is which equipment kit to purchase and we have a variety of kits for the beginning brewer.

Our $65.95 kit comes with the bare essentials and assumes that you already have some necessary items. This is a good choice for the casual brewer who doesn’t plan on being a master brewer but instead just wants to make some good beer. You will need a 5 gallon or larger pot and a thermometer in addition to the items included in the kit. This kit lacks a carboy for secondary fermentation but many knowledgeable brewers feel that a secondary is not necessary.

Our best selling kit is the Brewer’s Best Deluxe Kit with either a glass or plastic carboy. Again, you will need to provide a 5 gallon or larger pot but everything else you need comes with the kit. Customers often wonder what is the difference between glass and plastic carboys when trying to choose. Glass, while heavy and breakable, doesn’t scratch easily and scratches are where little microbes can hide and ultimately ruin your beer. Plastic on the other hand is lighter and does not shatter but it is more easily scratched. Careful cleaning of plastic carboys can lead to years of usage without worry of ruined beer caused by contamination. So really, it’s a mater of preference and both will perform equally as well when properly cared for.

The Brewer’s Beast is our top of the line kit. It’s a complete kit that includes a 5 gallon stainless steel pot along with some other very handy items like a test jar for your hydrometer, an auto-siphon and a lab thermometer. Purchasing this kit means you won’t require any other equipment until you’re ready to move up to all grain brewing!

Once you’ve decided on which kit’s for you, you’re next decision is what beer to brew. This is fun part, stay tuned!