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  • Krome Traditional Stout Faucet

    Krome Stout Faucet

    Krome Traditional Stlye Stout Faucet The Krome traditional style stout faucet is used with lower carbonated stouts, ales and nitro beers. The stout faucet has a pull forward to pour and push back to provide a large creamy head. The Krome faucet features...

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  • Picnic Faucet

    Picnic Faucet with Barbed End

    Picnic Faucet with Barbed End This economical faucet works with commercial as well as home-brew style kegs. 5 foot of 3/16" beer line is recommend to dispense your favorite beverage with minimal foam. Easy to use Easy to clean Easy...

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  • Beer Faucet Wrench

    Beer Faucet Wrench

    Draft Beer Faucet Spanner Wrench This standard faucet wrench aids in the removal and attachment of draft beer faucet on shanks and towers. Removes and attaches without scratching faucet or collar. A must have for maintaining a draft beer...

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  • Bonnet Angler, Chrome

    Bonnet Angler, Chrome

    Place the Bonnet Angler between the faucet and pub handle. The small forward tilt of the bonnet keeps the handle from hitting the wall or refrigerator door.

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    Pub Style Faucet Handle

    Pub Style Faucet Handle

    6 inches tall with natural oak finish. These will work with faucets that are mounted through a refrigerator door or wall. They look great and they are small enough to not hit the wall and stop the faucet from fully closing.

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  • Kleen Plug

    Kleen Plug

    Keeps unwanted pest out of your faucets with the additional action of cleaning when inserted and removed.

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