White Labs Pure Pitch

Posted by Todd on 22nd Aug 2015

We are starting to see White Labs pure pitch packaging showing up on our orders. Currently I have 001002, and 004. Over time, the complete White Labs line up of yeast strains will be produced with this packaging.

For those not familiar with the new packaging, White Labs uses a revolutionary new technology they call FlexCell where the yeast is propagated and packaged in the same material. The yeast is never exposed to the environment where it risk contamination thereby making it the purest pitch available to home-brewers.

The new packaging is also breathable. It allows CO2 to escape, which reduces stress on the yeast and increasing shelf life. There is a manufacturing date and a best by date printed on the package that indicates a 6 month shelf life.

The new packaging will contain the same amount of cells as the vials do. I still recommend making a starter when the manufacturing date is more than a month old or when making an O.G beer over 1.045.

I’m told that prices will remain the same with no planned increases. The only thing to keep in mind is that additional care will be needed when opening the package. It is recommended to sanitize both the package and a pair of scissors or other cutting tools before opening the Pure Pitch package.