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Other Sugars

  • Lactose 1 lb bag

    Lactose 1 lb

    Lactose is non-fermentable milk sugar that adds sweetness and body. Used in Sweet stouts. Add to boil. 1lb Bag

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  • Rice Syrup Solids 1 lb package

    Rice Syrup Solids - 1 lb

    Rice Syrup Solids - 1 lb Rice syrup solids are a granulated powder adjunct, similar to corn sugar or maltodextrin. Utilized to lighten beer color, add body, rice flavor and fermentable sugars, Rice solids are often employed in light adjunct lagers...

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  • Maltodextrin


    Maltodextrin is less than 5% fermentable. Use up to 8 oz in 5 gallons to increase body and mouthfeel. 8oz Bag

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