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Hydrometers & Refractometers

  • Thermohydrometer


    The thermohydrometer is a hydrometer and thermometer in one. Reading both gravity and temperature with one device allows for easy temperature corrections of specific gravity. 

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  • Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar

    Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar

    The Hydrometer test jar has a wide detachable base for secure testing and easy cleaning. 12” high and made of plastic this is a must have for homebrewers and winemakers alike.

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  • Triple Scale Hydrometer

    Triple Scale Hydrometer

    Triple Scale Hydrometer for Beer, Wine, Mead, Cider The triple scale hydrometer reads specific gravity, brix/balling and potential alcohol. Use the hydrometer to determine total sugar in wine and beer before fermentation and to help determine when...

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  • Fermtech Wine Thief

    The Sampler Wine Thief

    Unique design by Fermtech allows you to insert a standard hydrometer directly into The Thief. Simply dip once for a quick sample, take reading and touch the tip to the rim to empty. High grade acrylic for excellent clarity. 19" in length

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