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  • Denali Hop Pellets - 1 oz Denali Hop Pellets - 1 lb

    Denali Hop Pellets - 1 oz

    Denali Hop Pellets  Denali has a big aroma that imparts pineapple with notes of citrus and pine. It is quite popular with brewers who are looking for a distinct, big flavor in their beers. Denali has an unusually high total essential oil content...

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  • Jarrlo Hop Pellets

    Jarrlo Hop Pellets

    Jarrylo™ (Jar-ril-low) hops have aromas of banana, pear, and spice. Though not considered a great hop for IPA’s, this hop would do well in pale ales, saisons and other Belgian style beers.   Dual purpose hop Aroma - banana, pear, and...

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  • Azacca Hop Pellets

    Azacca Hop Pellets

    Azacca Is a new breed of dwarf bittering hops that works well as an aroma hop too. Pleasant mix of tropical fruit and citrus, with flavors of spicy mango, pineapple and some piney notes. Dual purpose hop Aroma - Tropical Fruit, citrus Flavor notes -...

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  • El Dorado Hop Pellets

    El Dorado Hop Pellets

    A dual purpose hop with tropical fruit aroma and pear, watermelon, candy and stone fruit notes. 14 – 16 % AA with firm bitterness makes El Dorado a good choice for bittering.  Dual purpose hop Aroma - Tropical Fruit, pear, watermelon, stone...

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  • Ekuanot Hop Pellets

    Ekuanot Hop Pellets 1oz

    Aroma Hop Aroma - Citrus, tropicalfruit, floral and herbal Characteristics. Specific descriptors include lemon, lime, papaya, apple and green pepper. Average Alpha - 13% - 14% Typical Beer Styles - American style Pale Ale, IPA

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  • Ahtanum Hop Pellets 1oz

    Ahtanum Hop Pellets 1oz

    An aroma/flavoring hop variety that is similar to Cascade or Amarillo. It has a citrus and floral character with the addition of some piney or earth notes. Low alpha acids make Ahtanum a good choice for a flavor addition when you do not want to impart...

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  • Amarillo Hop Pellets 1 Once Package Amarillo Hop Pellets

    Amarillo Hop Pellet 1oz

    Amarillo Hop Pellets  These hop pellets are packaged in light-resistant packaging which has been nitrogen flushed to ensure freshness for up to three years from production date in cold storage conditions. Amarillo Hops were discovered and...

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  • Brewer's Gold Hop Pellet 1oz

    Brewer's Gold Hop Pellet 1oz

    A bittering hop that is noted to have a sharp bittering quality and imparts a fruity yet spicy aroma. Brewer's Gold can be used in a wide range of styles from English Ales to German Lagers and adds a decidedly "European" element to the beer. These make a...

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  • Cascade Hop Pellet 1 oz

    Cascade Hop Pellet 1 oz

    Cascade Hop Pellet 1oz Flowers, citrus & spice with grapefruit the noticeable fragrance 1quite often. This medium aroma balances the low bittering value. Very popular hop among craft brewers. Alpha: 8.4 % Beta: 7.5%  Aroma: Medium Floral,...

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