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  • Bitter Orange Peel 1oz

    Bitter Orange Peel 1oz

    Also called "Curaçau orange peel", these green-gray peels are one of the most popular specialty herbs on the market. They are used commercially by domestic brewers to duplicate the beer styles that put Belgium on the brewing map. While not very...

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  • Sweet Orange Peel 1 oz

    Sweet Orange Peel 1 oz

    While a cousin to the Florida orange, this sweet variety will not give your beer a metallic taste like the domestic version. Traditionally used in Wit beers to produce an orange flavor and aroma.

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  • Cardamon Seed 1 oz

    Cardamon Seed 1 oz

    Cardamom is a distinctive spice from the same family as ginger. Its flavor, which has been described as a "spicy cola", combines well with coriander, cumin and orange, and often all are used together in specialty Belgian and Holiday Style beer. 1 oz

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  • 1 oz package ginger root

    Ginger Root 1 oz

    The pungent taste of ginger is due to nonvolatile phenylpropanoid-derived components, particularly gingerols and shogaols, which form from gingerols when ginger is dried or cooked. Mature ginger roots are fibrous and nearly dry. Powdered dry ginger root...

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  • 1 oz package of Brewer's Best Licorice Root

    Licorice Root 1 oz

    Do not confuse the flavor of licorice with that of anise, which is not related and is quite different when tasted side by side. Licorice has been used for everything from cough remedies to ulcer cures. The root imparts a very characteristic flavor and is...

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  • Indian Sarsaparilla 2 oz package

    Indian Sarsaparilla 2 oz

    Indian Sarsaparilla 2 oz The herb takes its name from the Spanish "sarza" meaning a bramble, and "parilla", a vine. It is a misconception that sarsaparilla is the primary flavor of the beverage bearing its name. Refreshing sarsaparilla is made from a...

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  • Paradise Seeds 2 grams

    Paradise Seeds 2 grams

    Also called "Grains of paradise", "Guinea grains" and "Melegueta pepper", these small seeds look like cardamom but have a character all their own. The spice is native to West Africa and during medieval times was used to flavor food. It has also been used...

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  • Juniper Berries 1 oz

    Juniper Berries 1 oz

    Usually known as the principal flavoring in gin, it is also used to flavor beer and other beverages. Native Americans have utilized juniper for its healing powers and to relieve arthritis. In folk lore, juniper planted outside a front door kept out...

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  • 1 oz package cinnamon sticks

    Cinnamon Sticks 1 oz

    Known principally as a flavoring for savory dishes in Asia and Africa and for its use in pastries and beverages, cinnamon has also found its way into recipes for spicy holiday ales and ciders, sodas, coffees and teas. 1 oz

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  • Star Anise 1 oz package

    Star Anise 1 oz

    Star Anise 1 oz Package In times past, fresh star anise was chewed after each meal to aid digestion and to sweeten the breath. Used in specialty Belgian and holiday style beers, star anise has a flavor similar to licorice, yet is dramatically different...

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