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Imported hop pellets packaged by the ounce.

  • Czech Saaz Hop Pellet

    Czech Saaz Hop Pellet 1oz

    Classical noble aroma hop with long and strong traditions. Associated with the renowned Pilsner Lager. Aroma Hop  Aroma - Very mild with pleasant hoppy notes. Average Alpha - 2.0 - 5.0% Typical Beer Styles -  Pilsner, Lager, Lambic,...

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  • German Hallertau Hop Pellet 1oz

    German Hallertau Hop Pellet 1oz

    Traditionally a superior German aroma hop. Excellent flavor. Mild to semi-strong aroma, versatile bittering and finishing. Aroma Hop Aroma: Mild with distinct floral and citrus tones Average Alpha: 3.0 - 5.5% Typical Beer Styles:  Lager,...

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  • Magnum Hop Pellets

    German Magnum Hop Pellet 1oz

    A German thoroughbred that is Prized for its high bittering value. Commonly used as a base bittering hops in many recipes.  Bittering Hop Aroma: Delicate floral and fruity Alpha Acid: 11.0 - 16.0% Typical Beer Styles: Ales, Lager, stout and...

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  • German Hersbrucker Hop Pellet 1oz

    German Hersbrucker Hop Pellet 1oz

    Hersbrucker is similar to the noble hop varieties with its low co-humulone level. it's a versatile hop used in a great number of German style beers. Aroma hop Aroma: Mild to medium, pleasant, floral and slightly spicy Average Alpha: 2.0 - 5...

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  • German Perle Hop Pellet 1oz

    German Perle Hop Pellet 1oz

    Perle is one of the most popular varieties grown in Germany. widely used in commercial beers around the region. Dual purpose hop Aroma:  Spicy and slightly floral/fruity. Average Alpha: 6.0 - 10% Typical Beer Styles: Pale ale, Porter,...

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  • German Spalt Hop Pellet 1oz

    German Spalt Hop Pellet 1oz

    Traditional aroma hop with average bitter value and very good aroma. Provides a distinct hop aroma. Aroma hop Aroma: Mild and pleasant with flowery, fruit and spicy tones Average Alpha: 3.5-6% Typical Beer Styles: Lager, Pilsner, Bock, Alt, Kolsch...

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  • German Tettnang Hop Pellet 1oz

    German Tettnang Hop Pellet 1oz

    Traditional German variety developed in the area of the same name. Very fine noble aroma hop. Aroma hop Aroma: Pleasant, slightly spicy, herbal Average Alpha: 3.0 - 6.0% Typical Beer Styles: Lager, Ales, Pilsner, Weizen, Lambic, Alt, Kolsch, Munich...

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  • Styrian Celeia (Golding) Hop Pellet 1oz

    Styrian Celeia (Golding) Hop Pellet 1oz

    A world-renowned aroma hop with widespread usage in both ale and lager brewing. Aroma Hop Aroma: Delicate, slightly spicy Average Alpha: 3.0 - 5.0% Typical Beer Styles: English and Belgian-style Ales, Lagers and Pilsners

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  • UK Challenger Hop Pellet 1oz

    UK Challenger Hop Pellet 1oz

    Dual purpose hop combining moderate alpha acid levelas with good kettle aroms. It blends well with other English varieties and is sometimes used as a late hop and dry hop. Dual Purpose Hop Aroma: A fruity, almost scented aroma, with some spicy...

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