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Brewing Thermometers

Temperature control throughout the brewing process is essential for producing good beer. From mashing to fermentation to storage, proper temperatures make the difference between good and great beers. Eastern Shores Brewing Supplies has a variety of thermometers that will help you monitor temperatures, from basic lab thermometers to blue tooth monitoring devices like the Blichmann Engineering BrewMometer.

  • Floating Thermometer

    Floating Thermometer

    The floating thermometer is a great tool for monitoring mash temperatures. Leave the thermometer floating in your mash and take periodical readings. The 10” glass thermometer reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in the range of 0° to...

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  • Lab Thermometer

    Lab Thermometer

    12 inch multi purpose lab thermometer. Take quick and precise temperature readings in 2° increments. Temperature Range from 0° - 220°F or -20° - 110°C. Our personal choice for taking quick temperature reads in the mash tun and before...

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  • Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer

    Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer

    The Liquid Crystal Thermometer can be attaching to outside of plastic or glass fermenters. Great for accurately monitoring fermentation temperatures. The 8" x 1" strip reads Horizontally in 2” increments.

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  • Thermohydrometer


    The thermohydrometer is a hydrometer and thermometer in one. Reading both gravity and temperature with one device allows for easy temperature corrections of specific gravity. 

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  • Digital Thermometer w/Probe

    Digital Thermometer w/Probe

    Take mash and wort temperatures quickly and accurately with the Alla digital thermometer. Comes with 5”stainless steel probe and 6” cable. Temperature range; -58 - 392° F -50 - 200° C.

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  • Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer

    Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer

    This handy waterproof pocket digital thermometer by Alla Instruments comes with a stainless steel probe. It has a display resolution of .1° and an accuracy of +/- 2°. Temperature range is -4 to +302° F and has a Max/Min Function. °C or...

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  • BrewMometer 3" Dial Face Thermometer BrewMometer NPT

    Blichmann BrewMometer 1/2" NPT Fixed

    Blichmann Engineering 1/2" NPT Dial Thermometer   The NPT BrewMometer utilizes 1/2" NPT male threads for easily adapting to brew pots where an adapter fitting has already been welded into the pot. Reads in Fahrenheit only.   Step...

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  • BrewMometer 3" Dial Face Thermometer BrewMometer Weldless

    Blichmann BrewMometer - Weldless

    Perfect for brewers who want to install a thermometer in their brew pot, but don’t want to hire a welder. Drill a ½” hole and you’re ready to install. Stem only protrudes about two inches into the pot – deep enough for an...

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