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Fermentation Temperature Control

Controlling temperatures throughout the brewing process can be the difference between an average beer and a great beer. Temperature control during fermentation is critical to getting the most out of of your brewing yeast. Eastern Shores Brewing Supplies offers fermentation temperature controllers and accessories that will make great additions to your home brewery and ensure you take control of this very important process.

  • Keg King MKII Temperature Controller - Digital Window Keg King MKII Temperature Controller - Front

    Keg King MKII Temperature Controller

    Keg King MKII Temperature Controller NOW with programmable temperature profile NOW with automated distillation control featureThese new advanced temperature controllers look very similar to our old model temperature controllers but these now...

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  • Inkbird Dual Stage Temperature Controller Inkbird Plug and Play Temperature Controller

    Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller with WIFI

    Inkbird Plug and Play Temperature Controller The ITC-308 WiFi controller allows you to monitor your fermentation temperature from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. From the free companion app, available for iOS and Android devices, you can...

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  • Cool Brew Fermentation cooler, side Cool Brew Fermentation cooler, side

    Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler

     The Cool Brew Fermentation Cooler is an easy and inexpensive alternative for fermentation temperature control. Fermenting your homebrew at the right temperature is one of the critical factors in making good beer. Beer fermented to high or with wide...

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  • Analog Temperature Controller

    Analog Temperature Controller

    Use this controller to convert any refrigerator or freezer into a kegerator or lagering cooler. Plug a refrigerator/freezer into the controller's female plug then plug the male plug into a standard 120 volt outlet. Place the temperature probe into the...

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  • Digital Temperature Controller

    Digital Temperature Controller

    Use this temperature controller to override the internal controller on a refrigerator or freezer and gain better control over your fermentation process. Can also be used in conjunction with a heating source to control fermentation temperature in cold...

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  • Stopper Thermowell

    Stopper Thermowell

    Gain the ultimate control of your fermentation temperatures by combining a digital temperature controller and the Stopper Thermowell. The 15" stainless thermowell is mounted on a rubber stopper with an extra hole for an airlock and designed to fit into...

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  • Brewer's Best Brew Belt Brewer's Best Brew Belt on Bucket

    Brewer's Best Brew Belt

    The Brewer’s Best®/Vintner’s Best® Brew Belt will help you maintain a constant brewing temperature of 68-75° F for all of your fermenting beverages (beer wort, wine must). Environments in your home may not be ideal for keeping...

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  • FermWrap open FermWrap attached to Carboy


    Use tape to adhere this flexible heating wrap directly to your fermenter. Depending on your configuration and insulation, you can increase the temperature of your ferment from 5-20 degress Fahrenheit. For best results, we recommend a temp controller and...

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