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Fermentation Equipment

The fermenter is the workhorse for beer brewing. The beer fermenter is where the magic happens, turning sugar into beer. Most brewers start out with the plastic fermenting bucket because it's inexpensive and easy to clean. The glass carboy is a step up and allows the brewer to see what's going on during the fermentation process. Stainless steel brew buckets and conical fermenters can add a professional look to your home brewery and provide years of service. However you decide to ferment your beer you can be certain to find quality fermenting equipment at Eastern Shores Brewing Supplies.

  • 2000 ML Erlenmeyer Flask

    2000 ML Erlenmeyer Flask

    The 2000 ml flask is made from borosilicate glass and can tolerate rapid temperature change. This is a good choice for making yeast starters for beer with higher starting gravities. Can be put on an open flame but not recommended for electric elements...

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  • Stir Plate 2000

    Stir Plate 2000

    The Stir Plate 2000 is designed for smaller starters as small as 125 ml, but will still spin up to a 2000 ml flask. This stir plate features PWM Technology, Low Power Consumption, Tough High Impact Polystyrene Housing. Includes power supply and two 1"...

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  • The OxyWand™ Oxygenation Kit - 0.5 Micron Oxywand

    The OxyWand™ Oxygenation Kit - 0.5 Micron

    The OxyWand™ Oxygenation Kit - 0.5 Micron This Oxygenation Kit pumps pure oxygen into your cooled wort using a disposable oxygen tank and stainless steel diffusion stone. Takes around 1-2 minutes of operation to achieve adequate oxygen levels,...

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  • 5000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask

    5000 ML Erlenmeyer Flask

    This 5000 ML Erlenmeyer flask is perfect for making large starters for high gravity or lager beers. Borosilicate glass can tolerate rapid temperature change allowing for wort to be boiled in the flask and then quickly cooled down. Can be put on an open...

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  • FermWrap open FermWrap attached to Carboy


    Use tape to adhere this flexible heating wrap directly to your fermenter. Depending on your configuration and insulation, you can increase the temperature of your ferment from 5-20 degress Fahrenheit. For best results, we recommend a temp controller and...

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  • .5 Micron Diffusion Stone  .5 Micron Diffusion Stone

    Diffusion Stone - .5 Micron

    Diffusion Stone - .5 Micron The .5 Micron stone is more commonly used for carbonation however it can be used pre-fermentation to oxygenate your wort.  Not the ideal choice if you want to aerate with an aquarium pump but works well with oxygen tank...

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  • Yeast Starter Kit

    Yeast Starter Kit

    Pitching the proper amount of healthy yeast cells is one of the most important things a brewer can do to improve his or her beer. Many yeast manufactures recommend only one vial or pack of their yeast for 5 gallons, but most professional brewers agree...

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  • 2 Micron Diffusion Stone 2 Micron Diffusion Stone

    Diffusion Stone with Flare Threads - 2 Micron

    Diffusion Stone - 2 Micron Use this 2 micron oxygen stone with an oxygen source or aeration pump to provide your yeast with oxygen pre-fermentation. The stone is threaded instead of barbed so you can combine it with a swivel nut fitting to...

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  • Aeration System with Pump

    Aeration System with Pump

    Aeration in the early stages of fermentation is essential for cell growth. Proper cell reproduction leads to healthy, active fermentation with reduction of off flavors. Aerate wort for 30 minutes after it has been chilled and before yeast has been...

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  • 1 Gallon Glass Screw Top Jug

    1 Gallon Glass Jug

    1 Gallon Glass Screw Top Jug These glass gallon jugs have many uses. Use them as a fermenting jug and split up a five gallon batch of home brew for experimentation with hops, fruit, or yeast.  They can be used for secondary fermentation of...

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