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Hydrometers & Refractometers

  • Fermtech Wine Thief

    Fermtech Wine Thief

    Unique design by Fermtech allows you to insert a standard hydrometer directly into The Thief. Simply dip once for a quick sample, take reading and touch the tip to the rim to empty. High grade acrylic for excellent clarity. 19" in length

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  • Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar

    Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar

    The Hydrometer test jar has a wide detachable base for secure testing and easy cleaning. 12” high and made of plastic this is a must have for homebrewers and winemakers alike.

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  • Proof and Tralles with Hard Case

    Proof and Tralle

    A Proof & Tralle Hydrometer is designed to test the alcohol volume in distilled spirits. The proof scale measures the U.S. International Revenue scale for Proof of Spirits. The Tralle scale will determine the direct percentage of alcohol in your...

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  • Specific Gravity Combo Kit

    Specific Gravity Combo Kit

    Specific Gravity Combo Kit This kit includes everything you need to take accurate hydrometer readings for beer, wine, cider, and mead. The triple scale hydrometer reads Specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol by Volume, and Percentage Sugar...

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  • Thermohydrometer


    The thermohydrometer is a hydrometer and thermometer in one. Reading both gravity and temperature with one device allows for easy temperature corrections of specific gravity. 

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  • Triple Scale Hydrometer

    Triple Scale Hydrometer

    The Triple scale hydrometer reads specific gravity, brix/balling and potential alcohol. Use the hydrometer to determine total sugar in wine and beer before fermentation and to help determine when fermentation is complete. The potential Alcohol scale can...

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