Brewing Beer

Eastern Shores Brewing Supplies provides a wide selection of ingredients and equipment for the home brewer. If you are new to homebrewing you should begin by picking out a beginners equipment kit. If you are unsure which kit to choose contact us and our experienced staff will assist you. Once you have decided, then the real decisions begin... which beer to brew first. Generally we recommend brewing darker beers, such as stouts and porters, or hoppier beers such as American Pale Ale or IPA's for your first beer. These flavorful beers can mask minor flaws that often show up in a beginner brewer's beer. If you are confident that you can brew great beer from the very beginning (and there is no reason you can't) then by all means brew your favorite type of beer, light or dark. Our line of Brewer's Best ingredient kits will produce quality beers in whatever style you choose. For the more advance brewer, chose from our fresh supply of grains, yeast and hops as well as sugars, herbs and spices. Check out our expanding equipment category that includes products from Blickmann Engineering among others. If you can't find what you're looking for then please contact us and let us find it for you.

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