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  • Brewer's Edge Kettle Valve

    Brewer's Edge Kettle Valve

    Add a leak-free valve to any brewing pot without welding. Patent-pending unique design features an O ring containment groove, and inside threads attach the companion Brewer's Edge 3/8" KettleScreen™. Works with igloo or other coolers used for mash...

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  • Stainless Weldless Spigot

    Stainless Weldless Spigot

    This stainless steel weldless spigot can be mounted onto a plastic cooler or a brew kettle. The spigot is capable of handling high temperatures without damage or leaking. 1/2" inside thread allows for attaching a kettle screen or other accessories. Comes...

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  • The Kettle Spider The Kettle Spider

    The Kettle Spider

    The Kettle Spider Make your brew day easier, just attach a reusable nylon mesh bag with drawstring and use the Kettle Spider to steep grains in an extract batch or to take the mess and burns out of multiple hop additions in the boil. The Kettle...

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  • TrubTrapper TrubTrapper in Kettle

    The TrubTrapper

    The TrübTrapper Professional Brewers do all they can to keep trub out of their fermenters, now you can too! The TrübTrapper sits in the boil kettle and filters the break material and pelletized hops from your wort. All you have to do is...

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