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Testing and Measuring

  • pH Calibration Solution

    pH Calibration Solution 7.0

     pH Calibration Solution 7.0 - 4 fluid ounces To obtain reliable and consistent measurements it's important to calibrate your pH meter because of how the electrode changes over time. Regularly calibrating your pH...

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  • 11 lb Capacity Scale

    11 lb Capacity Scale

    This scale is constructed of durable plastic and features measurement in pounds and kilograms plus an adjustable zero point The removable bowl is dishwasher safe and perfect for holding and weighing hops and grains.

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  • Checker 1 pH Tester

    Checker 1 pH Tester

    Simple meter that provides fast and accurate pH measurement. Uses replaceable pH electrode and works for 3,000 hours before changing batteries.

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  • Digital Thermometer w/Probe

    Digital Thermometer w/Probe

    Take mash and wort temperatures quickly and accurately with the Alla digital thermometer. Comes with 5”stainless steel probe and 6” cable. Temperature range; -58 - 392° F -50 - 200° C.

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  • Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer

    Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer

    The Liquid Crystal Thermometer can be attaching to outside of plastic or glass fermenters. Great for accurately monitoring fermentation temperatures. The 8" x 1" strip reads Horizontally in 2” increments.

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  • Escali Alimento Digital Scale

    Escali Alimento Digital Scale

    The Escali Alimento series digital scales are equipped with highly accurate durable sensors and are perfect for weighing hops and grains. The scale features a removable stainless steel platform, a big display and easy touch buttons. Measures up to 13...

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  • Escali Primo Scale

    Escali Primo Scale

    The Escali Primo scale is a great scale for measuring hops, grains or other brewing related items. The 11lb capacity scale can show weight in grams or ounces. Tare function allows the scale to reset to zero in order to measure only the content of a...

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  • Fermtech Wine Thief

    Fermtech Wine Thief

    Unique design by Fermtech allows you to insert a standard hydrometer directly into The Thief. Simply dip once for a quick sample, take reading and touch the tip to the rim to empty. High grade acrylic for excellent clarity. 19" in length

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  • Floating Thermometer

    Floating Thermometer

    The floating thermometer is a great tool for monitoring mash temperatures. Leave the thermometer floating in your mash and take periodical readings. The 10” glass thermometer reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in the range of 0° to...

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  • Lab Thermometer

    Lab Thermometer

    12 inch multi purpose lab thermometer. Take quick and precise temperature readings in 2° increments. Temperature Range from 0° - 220°F or -20° - 110°C. Our personal choice for taking quick temperature reads in the mash tun and before...

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