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  • Blichmann Hop Rocket

    Blichmann HopRocket

    The HopRocket™ is an incredibly innovative, feature packed hop infusing tool! Not only can it be used as a hopback, it doubles as an in-line hop infuser (Randalizer) for your beer dispensing system and TRIPLES as an in-line filter*! Definitely...

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  • Foam Stopper

    Foam Stopper for 1000 & 2000 ml Flask

    This 1 ¾” foam stopper for 1000 & 2000 ml flask has been specifically developed to meet the exacting requirements of quality filtration foam. Us the foam stopper in place of an air lock or foil when making a yeast starter. The breathable...

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  • Sanitary Filter

    Sanitary Filter

    An inline sanitary filter that filters down to .023 micron with a 99.99% efficiency. Use it anywhere you need to keep something sanitary. Both 5/16" and 3/8" tubing will attach and it will snugly fit in any standard stopper as well. The filter has two...

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  • Blichmann HopBlocker Blichmann HopBlocker

    Blichmann HopBlocker

    Traditional screen filters draw from the bottom of the kettle — immediately sucking all pellet hops and fine break material into the screen, where they plug. In Blichmann Engineering's HopBlocker™, preferential flow leaves settled fine break...

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